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Joel's passion for cooking started more than 30 years ago.  His journey began at Spencecliff Restaurant where he started out as a dishwasher, then moved to Perry Boy's Smorgy and the Wong's Family Byron Restaurant Group.  With each move, he also began moving up in positions, and his experience was duly recognized when he was recruited to work for the American Classic Cruise Lines (Voyager and Independence).  When the company closed, he then went on to work at Stuart Anderson Cattle Company and eventually teamed up with Big City Diner to open their last three restaurants.

Tiano's Restaurant is owned by Chef Joel and Mira Navasca, serious entrepreneurs who knows the importance of building great and lasting relationships. Already operating a successful water purification sales operation in most of the Hawaiian Islands, they could not pass the opportunity of establishing a restaurant when it was offered to them.

Restless to tap into his other talents, Joel with the support and encouragement of his lovely wife Mira, started their new ventures as entrepreneurs and has not looked back to working for somebody else.


Inspired by their three wonderful children,  they decided to name their new restaurant Tiano's after Christina, Ian, and Christian.

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